Work in progress

book project

Translation and abridging of Hadiza Moussa's (2012) Entre absence et refus d'enfant: socio-anthropologie de la gestion de la fécondité féminine à Niamey, Niger. L'Harmattan.

  • Edited with Barbara Cooper.

  • Initial translation by Natalie Kammerer.

  • Provisional title in English: Yearning and Refusal: Infertility and Contraception in an African City.

Article and chapter manuscripts

  • Alice J. Kang and Rachel Fisher. "Who Speaks (for Women) on the Floor When Men Dominate Parliament? The Case of Burkina Faso." Chapter to appear in a volume on Women and Power in Africa, edited by Leonardo R. Arriola, Martha C. Johnson, and Melanie L. Philips.

  • Alex Kroeger and I are working on a paper on gender and cabinet reshuffles in Africa.